A tablet app for CHLITINA employees to schedule appointments.


Thesis project with Real Client

This is a B2B project and my client CHLITINA, a Chinese beauty & spa brand. My task is to redesign the brand language and design a customer appointment and staff management system for the client.
This project is still in progress.

my role

Project Management
Brand Design
Visual Design
Systems Thinking
Motion Design


Pen & paper
Adobe XD


Solo Project


24 week

meet My Client


CHLITINA, a legend of beauty with the philosophy & practice of "Love & Sharing", was born in 1989. Currently, nearly 4,500 chain stores have been established, making CHLITINA the largest beauty chain company in China.
CHLITINA intends to initiate a new skincare revolution and disseminate ways of beauty for women with the brand philosophy of amino acid skin care that is gentle and effective.

Meet Kate and her stores

My client, Kate, is a businesswoman who owns two CHLITINA beauty & spa stores in Beijing. Kate and her sixteen employees asked me to design an online system for the appointment management.

The challenge

Paper recording system leads to a signficant decrease in productivity

Kate and her employees use paper to record the appointments and consumers. There are some advantages, such as:
-Pictures available to be drawn directly
-Features in order
-Elements are clear
However, because the record's style hasn't been updated for such a long time, the layout has become more difficult for employees to use. It also increases difficulties for the store manager to sort, store, and input data.

Poor Booking Experience

The current appointment sheet does not show the project duration, consumers' names, and programs. It is also hard to browse other dates and times.

Low input efficiency

Because of the tight layout, the content confuses employees, causing a high error rate. Records still need to be entered into the computer by hand, which is an extra step.

Recording Difficulty

The layout makes the information inconvenient to view. Paper documents are easily lost or damaged. When there are a large number of records together, it is difficult to check the records quickly.

Inconvinent Collabroation Request

When employees need to collaborate with colleagues, they need to wait a long time for feedback.

CHLITINA struggles to manage their customer appointment schedule and records, and a tablet app will increase efficiency and reduce mistakes.


The solution

CHLITINA Pro is a tablet app that helps CHLITINA employees to manage customers by simple record creation and appointment scheduling.

Style Guide

UI features

Change Month Easily

Sometimes employees need to check appointments for another month. With a calendar on the side, employees can check appointments easily.

Announcement Check

Important notifications are updated in real-time and the employees will no longer miss any news.

Clear Appointment Display

The schedule of the day clearly shows the employees' past and future appointments.
The appointment time, customer name, and service name are arranged in the order that employees feel most comfortable with.
The appointment details tell employees how many remaining appointments  are available to the customer.

Quickly Check the Following Date Appointment

By scrolling through the schedule, employees can see the appointment for the following dates without press any buttons.
Future appointments are shown in a lighter pink.

Back to Today with Just One Click

With the TODAY button, employees are able to go back to current date.

Simple Appointment Reserving

The date, time, and other information are clearly displayed.
Since most CHLITINA stores are managed privately, the location won't be changeable.
Adding buttons for customers and services is convenient for employees to record when customers bring their friends or have multiple services at once.

Efficient Collaboration Request

Colleagues' schedules are well organized on the right side, which makes it easier for employees to ask for a collaboration request.

Unable to Request

Request Sent

Request Approved

Appointment Passed


Topic Define

  • Choice 1: CHITINA has problems managing its customers' appointment schedules and membership, and a real-time online system will increase efficiency and reduce mistakes.

  • Choice 2: CHITINA has problems managing its consumer appointment schedule and record, and an online system will increase efficiency and reduce mistakes.

CHLITINA struggles to manage their customer appointment schedule and records, and a tablet app will increase efficiency and reduce mistakes.

Secondary Research

I have conducted four physical inspections and 10+ interviews to understand the different needs of the boss, store manager, and employees.

Employee Hierarchy
Employee vs Consumer
Consumer vs Services

New Consumer:

1 - 2 Services

Regular Consumer:

3 - 5 Services

Service Analysis

My project is directly related to the services, so I dug into the structures of the services set and explored helpful information.

*Some projects require the cooperation of two beauticians.

Facial Spa

The stores provide mid-to-high-end skincare services in the beauty salon.

(counted No. of times) 

Body Spa & Massage

The stores actively publish anti-aging and regenerative services for ladies.

Semi-yearly Subscription
(>15 times, no time limitation) 

Take-home Products

Daily skin care product sets are available for consumers to apply in their homes.

Product Combo
(group-buying available) 

Current Product Analysis

To learn about how CHLITINA records the appointment now, I analyzed the current paper worksheet.

What is good:
Beauticians can see the record.

What is not good:
Time duration is unable to be shown.
Paperwork cannot be changed or erased easily.
Summarization can only be calculated by hand.
No service can be shown.

What can better:
We can add other dates information.

Journey Map

The system of the project is complicated, so when I made the journey map, I analyzed the customers, employees, and storefronts, which helped me know the specific pain points and needs of employees at different steps.

One of the major goals for CHLITINA employees is to catch the consumer and sell the products and services, for that counts as the achievement.

The major challenge for CHLITINA employees is when making and updating an appointment, and collaborating with colleagues.

Preparation, especially knowing the consumer and services ahead of time, is important.

Task Flow

I phased out of the reservation area to simulate every step's action by the employees, finding the flow.

Making Appointment

After Consumer Arrived

Service Finished

For First Time Consumer

1. Fills in the consumer record
2. Check date & time
3. Set up (possible) program
4. Confirm & reminder the date& time

1. Ask about the basic information, habit
2. (Skin & body exam)
3. Product & program match
4. Introduce the product & program

1. (Payment)
2. Mark & confirm the program
3. Update the consumer profile
4. Update the program (after paying the combo)

For Regular Consumer

1. Set up the date & time
2. Choose a program or set up a new program
3. Confirm & reminder the date& tim

1. Check the program
2. Ask about the recent basic information, habit to confirm the program
3. (Introduce new product &program)

1. Introduce new product & program
2. Mark & confirm the program
3. Update the consumer profile
4. Update the left program (after paying the combo)


After several rounds of interviews, I finally summarized the major functions of the product.

Easy to Access

The major content is on the same page, no need to transit

Able to find other dates' appointment schedule

Clearly show the consumer's name, service name, service duration, and the stage of the service

Show colleauges' schedule

Collaboration request available

Anouncement on the screen

Prototpe Experiment

Before moving everything digitally, I went through an experiment with paperwork and tested it with my client.

1. Schedules are clearly displayed
2. Time duration available
3. Service available
4. Easy to recognize beauticians


After setting up the wireframe, I went through the first round of user testing.

1. Employees' schedule was visible, and could be completely distinguished by past and future appointments.
2. The date needs to be prominent and easy to identify.
3. The interface feedback after sending a cooperation application to a colleague should be different from the status after the cooperation application is passed.

A/B Testings

Top Bar:
I made two versions of the top bar UI and let my clients vote according to their preferences.

White looks fresher than the pink one.

I made two sets of the key elements design and let my client vote according to their preferences.

Group 1: Gray can highlight the characteristics of the button while increasing the sense of hierarchy.
Group 2: The fourth information arrangement method best fits the work style of the beautician.
Group 3: Gold shows a sense of luxury more than copper.

Major Color:
I made two sets of the key elements design and let my client vote according to their preferences.

The lighter color makes the app look more vivid and younger.

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Make for Client

This is my first time designing a product that serves a real client. I was so nervous at first, but then I got used to the communication flow. It took me time to understand what my client truly wants and explain the design language.

Brand & Visual Design

I always practice my UX skills. When I set this project outcome to be more visual, I challenged myself to practice visual design. I feel confident with my visual design skills, so I tried to go one step further, which is redesigning the brand.

Balance Client & Theis

As this project is also my thesis, I listened to my instructor and classmates' suggestions, maintaining my style when I design.


More features from the system?

-The appointment-making product is great, but if you have time, add the record of consumer information and calculation page for store achievement.

Next Step

Other digital touchpoints

-I will try to make a whole set for my client, including phone and website touchpoint.