My name is Jingyun Hu and you can call me Hermione.
I determine myself as a system thinker and user experience improver.

Double majoring in Industrial Design and Interaction Design, I am a new grad at California College of the Arts.

I am interested in UX Design and Product Design opportunities in the US.

As a designer,

I seek inspiration from different fields and enjoy exploring the design system. My prototyping skill, which I invested a lot of effort into it, helps me produce high-fidelity physical models and cross-platform digital products in a limited time.

I am passionate about improving user experience in the digital world and practical environment. Nevertheless, I faithfully care about philanthropic activities and facilities that improve the life quality of people with physical disabilities.


Me at the Admission Office of CCA, the office I work for 4 years❤️

As a Life-lover,

I always appreciate when I receive help, expressing my gratitude and expanding care to others.

I got attracted by my school during the campus tour and decided to join the team after I attended school, working as a student ambassador and help families who are also interested in CCA, knowing the school better. I love collaborating with my colleagues and seeing students' smiling faces during the last 4 years.